Single Malt Scotch

Glenkinchie 10 Year

This Lowland malt, from near Edinburgh, is a new expression and 
wonderfully improved. This is a light, dry slightly sweet choice, from which you might be able to pick out cinnamon, citrus and melon on the nose.

Glenmorangie 10 Year

A Highland malt with a spicy nose that follows through to the palate, along with a nutty, flowery sweetness. Let this one coat your tongue and give its long, round buttery finish.

Talisker 10 Year

A robust offering from the only distillery on the Isle of Skye, this one lets you know it’s whisky you’re drinking. It has pungent smoke with huge spice that still lets through a full, malty sweetness before finishing with pepper.

Cragganmore 12 Year

This Highland malt has an especially complex nose that captures the flora of Speyside, grass, heather and herbs. While fragrant and delicate, it is not light and it 
offers a long finish.

Dalmore 12 Year

A rich, flavorful Highland malt that is sweet and smooth with some spice. Some heather and a hint of peat yields to a long, toasty finish.


Glenlivet 12 Year

The small river Livet flows into the Spey, and this grand old distillery 
resides in that valley (glen). This whisky is pale, flowery, soft, with hints of vanilla.

Macallan 12 Year

One of the greatest Highland malts from Speyside, this 12 year expression is the standard Macallan in the States. Matured in Spanish sherry casks, it has sherry, honey, dried fruits and flowers on the nose. It is full and smooth with a rounded finish.

Oban 14 Year

From the Western Highlands, this whisky has a loyal following among those who prize slight peat with a sense of the nearby sea. It’s firm and smooth, with some malt sweetness that becomes smoky and dry, leading to an aromatic finish.

Dalwhinnie 15 Year

A Speyside malt that makes a great Aperitif, this whisky has a honey-heather to freshly cut grass nose that carries through on the palate, where it has a slightly oily mouth feel and light peat to the long finish.


Lagavulin 16 Year

Our Islay representative is a great whisky with deep character of sea spray and peat smoke. Its taste develops as you sip, a rich, warming hug that reminds you life is good.

Blended Scotch

Johnnie Walker Black Label

This is robust, complex blend that you could have neat, but it stands up to a splash of soda or a couple rocks. Peat comes through in the nose and on the palate, along with dried fruits and a hint of sherry on the finish.


Johnnie Walker Green Label

Another complex blend, this offering has less smoke and a brighter floral burst on the palate. As with all the finer whiskies, try it neat first, then add a drop or two of water to see how it changes.


We also proudly offer the following blended Scotches:
J&B, Dewars, Dewars 12 and Johnnie Walker Red Label.

All Whiskey Descriptions by Mark Cullison.